All Tied Up 🧵

Hello, hello, hello!!

Guess what, we’re here to change your life…

You might think you’re not an extension girl, but we’re here to tell you, you actually are.

When we used to envision hair extensions, our first thoughts went to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie a la The Simple Life.


No disrespect to these Y2K queens buuuuuuut...ish looked janky.

Hand tied extensions are NOT that. We love them for length and volume. We love them for how natural and luxurious they look. We love them because they aren’t going to damage your hair. We love them because they don’t show when you put your hair up.


Okay, okay….we hear you saying “extensions are just so high maintenance and that’s not me”. We hear it, we get. But, hear us out…

A majority of clients come every six to eight weeks to get their color and cuts maintained which is conveniently the time we recommended going between hand tied services. 

The upkeep is not a matter of how high maintenance you are, but of how fast your hair grows. Hair grows is nature and it’s beautiful. Hand tied extensions basically turn you into Mother Nature. 

Oh, we’re also having a sale on hand tied extensions. We’re offering them for 40% off til the end of the month. If you ever wanted to give them a go, now is a great opportunity! If you’re interested give us a call, shoot us a DM, send an email and we will totally hook you up!

Okay thanks! Talk to you soon!

*Hair Flip*