Leaving 2019 with a BANG! Part 1

Happy December!

We’re halfway through the holiday season and as we inch closer and closer to the new year, there is a trend we can’t seem to get away from. 

While we’re bracing ourselves for the barrage of “new year, new me” posts and statuses, we are completely embracing a certain style we’re seeing everywhere: BANGS!



In the spirit of year end reflection, let’s take it back now y’all and dive into the history of bangs.

Believe it or not the term bang is derived from “bangtail” which is that look fancy horses wear when their tail is chopped horizontally. So yes, bangs started on a horse’s butt…

(It is beauty, it is grace, it is the bangtail)


The UK term for bangs, “fringe”, is a little more self explanatory. 

Joan of Arc is often pictured with bangs, Gibson Girls wore piecey fringes, Zoey Deschanel sports a blunt bang, and Brigette Bardot sexyed up the look. Lots of badass women rocked the bang.

In my opinion the most bitchin broads to bang it up where the women of the 1600’s who were seen by the conservative clergy as “well on the way to committing mortal sin” by wearing the style. 

Sign. Me. Up.

Tune in next time for our list of hall of fame bangs and bangs to try in 2020!