Skyline’s The Limit: A Fun Review of our Favorite Dry Shampoo

Honestly since Thanksgiving, it seems like life has been stuck in “go” mode.

Between like, 15 back to back holidays, the regular demands of life, vacations, tax season (the list goes on) there hardly seems to be enough time to breath, let alone, yanno, wash our hair…


So we’re gonna let you in on our little secret...well, it’s not actually not a secret...we really can’t shut up about it…

It’s our favorite dry shampoo. Yes we’ve all been “running on coffee and dry shampoo” forever but R+CO’s Skyline is in a league all its own.

First of all, we can’t get enough of R+CO’s brand overall. Their products are “free” of all the right things; parabens, sulfates, gluten, cruelty...plus all products are color safe. Not to mention the recyclable packaging is so artistic and cool.

Okay so R+CO’s Skyline: the best dry shampoo EVER.

It pumps out as a white powder, but don’t let that freak you out, it blends into the darkest of hair. Pump it into your hands or directly onto your roots and message it in...viola...fresh hair(as far as anyone is concerned 😏)

So what’s in the miracle product you ask? Three primary ingredients are diatomaceous earth to soak up excess oils, jojoba seed oil for a clean sheen, and burdock root which will actually fight any lil flakes that might be kicking around. All natural, just right. 

Okay! That’s Skyline. It’s perfect and we love it. Come give it a try! We do sell it here at Sari Paints Creative Space, but to be honest, it sells out pretty fast. Keep an eye on our stories to see when we restock!

Okay ttyl gotta go powder my hair!