The Self Love Valentine’s Day Guide 🥀

With the infamous relationship-centric Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’d like to give you my two cents on self-love and this Hallmark Holiday.

If  you’re anything like me you may find the traditional ideology of Valentine’s Day a bit nauseating.  In years past, I’ve spent Valentine’s Day sulking, eating boxed chocolates, and tuning into one too many episodes of Sex and the City.





However, this year I’m wholeheartedly embracing Valentine’s Day and loving myself more than usual. What is Valentine’s Day? Here’s the definition of my newly found favorite holiday. 

So let’s talk about it. 


Valentine’s Day


Now that we’re on the same page about Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about it’s value and dive into why this otherwise somber holiday can ultimately prove a total mood booster!

I think we can all agree life can be tough and having a supportive friend to lean on makes all the difference; and there’s no rut a girls night out can’t temporarily pull me out of.  I think it’s important to celebrate your friends daily, but if you’re a single pringle like moi, Valentine’s Day is something to look forward to.

Here are my ideas for a chef's kiss Valentine’s Day:

No surprise here I’m gonna start with finding the right outfit. On an average day, you can find me wearing 90% black, but on February 14th, I bend the rules. Something about throwing on a pop of color or wearing a statement piece not only excites me -- it feels appropriate. I implore you to wear something bold, something bright, and something that makes you feel unique and exquisite.

Next up, find a fun place to grab dinner with your pal. If you’re hesitant about dining in or having someone over, Zoom dinners and happy hours are a great way to connect!

Finally, there’s no shame in doing it for the gram on occasion, so don’t be afraid to take some cute photos. Have a photoshoot in a friends living room and hype each other up! If you’re looking to really get in the spirit, grab some props (Target has you covered). 


Take these ideas and run with them! 


Treat Yo Self


Ah, self-care. Here’s where my expertise really kicks in. I am a self proclaimed self care guru and I’m not afraid to admit it. But, I’d like to note that self-care is much more than face masks and bath bombs. For the sake of not turning a blog post into a novel, let’s stick to physical self care (the fun stuff).

If your only plans for Valentine's Day are Netflix and a microwavable dinner, you might as well pamper yourself in the process. As I mentioned earlier, face masks and bath bombs are probably the most common way to elevate your evening. Soaking in the tub with my favorite face mask and a nice glass of Pinot Noir is truly a treat. Whatever you do, take those few extra steps to celebrate yourself. So,  indulge in yourself, take a shopping trip, buy yourself something nice, have a DIY spa night, and  remind yourself how special you truly are. Girl, TREAT YO SELF! 



Hit The Town Running


This is truly the most underrated part of being single. Take yourself on a date, go somewhere new, and don’t let your spotlight syndrome hold you back. I know this can be intimidating, but from my personal experience, going out alone can be liberating and exciting. If a solo five course meal isn’t in your deck of cards, try a solo coffee date, or grab a drink and an app. Once you’re there, you’ll feel surprisingly normal! Bottom line, just go out there and experience new things! And when you come home, do it up! Pamper yourself,  binge watch your favorite series, or indulge in whatever floats your boat. 


So ladies, are you with me or what? Let’s celebrate our friends, and most importantly, ourselves.  

Call up the girls for the ultimate night out (or in), book that facial, buy those shoes, throw on the lace, wear the red lip, whatever you do have fun! No need to stress over the Hallmark holiday, embrace wherever you are. As silly and somewhat generic as these ideas are, I hope they got the ball rolling for you. 


“The one person who will never leave us, whom we will never lose, is ourselves. Learning to love our female selves is where our search for love must begin.”

Bell Hooks.


XOXO, bpincolor