The “Yas”vember Preview

We make people over every day at Sari Paints Creative Space...

So I personally believe that qualifies us to make over “No”vember into “Yass”vember.

And why do we feel inclined to go forth with this glo-up, you ask? ‘Cause we are just so excited for everything that this wonderfully crisp, delicious, cozy month has in store!

In that spirit, let us commence with the “Yas”vember preview!

Where do we even start...there’s A LOT.


A little turkey told me we may or may not be having a HUGE extension sale coming up. Be on the lookout for more deets later on.

I’m tired of saying it, you’re tired of hearing it; the holidays are super busy and it’s really tough to get appointments. Welllllllll because we are amazing geniuses here we have found a solution for that problem that goes by “Joe”. 

Joe and Sara go all the back to Paul Mitchell and have reunited right here at Sari Paints Creative Space! Joe not only brings a wealth of hair knowledge but a contagious energy that we love here at The Space.

Honesty hour: we love compliments and you love free stuff. For the rest of the month of November when you show us your 5 star review we’ll gift you a free product! Come on, what’s better than that?!

Last but certainly not least, another accolade for our gal Sara (@saripaints). You may or may not be familiar with the Behind the Chair awards (@Behindthechair_com) but it’s like the People’s Choice Awards of hair. You guessed it, our very own boss babe was a finalist in the color transformation category. Will she ever stop impressing us? I’ll skip right over “highly doubtful” straight to “no”.

So concludes our “Yas”vember preview. We’ll keep ya updated if anything goes down! Eat some turkey for us on the big day and we’ll do the same for you.

Until next time,

Squirrel Girl