They say the best things come in threes

They say the best things come in threes.

Three sheets to the wind, the three Hanson Brothers (think MMMbop), a three ring circus… we love it all. 

But the trio we love the most has to be our Triple Luxe Treatment service. 

Triple. Luxe. TRIPLE LUXE! Without the details it just sounds like something anyone would want, am I right? 

But the specs make it even better. The service offers a conditioning treatment, a glaze, and a trim. If you’re looking to maintain your look this is all you need. The conditioning treatment pumps moisture back into your hair and the trim will take care of your split ends. The glaze tones your color to give your hair a new life.

And oh yeah, you can get this entire service for only $100! That is a $50 savings! Score!

So we’ll say it again, cause third times a charm, Triple. Luxe. Treatment. Book yours today.  We promise you'll thank us later!