Where to Work Your New Hair!

So you’ve JUST gotten your hair done and you’re feeling yourself, OBVIOUSLY.

Now the question is, where do you go to strut your stuff?!

Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of our top local hotspots to where you can flaunt your new locks!

Feeling peckish?? We know our services can be on the longer side, so it makes total sense if your lil tummy is rumbling by the time you leave. May we suggest you fuel up next door at the new hot spot Tavern on State? Tavern offers small dishes and shareable plates to satisfy every level of hunger. No matter the size you are guaranteed something scrumptious, fresh, unique, and primary local from their New American bistroesque menu. *BONUS* their cocktail offerings are to die for. *BONUS BONUS* the cozy space is hella ‘gramable… aka flip dat hair!


If you’re looking for a more chopsticky situation, you are not short of options in New Haven. Needless to say, we have our favorite. Kuro Shiro is known to be one of the most authentic Ramen restaurants around. Furthermore, since it is located on Crown Street just a hair away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, eating at Kuro Shiro feels like (how I would imagine) a little Ramen shop overseas. Hearty servings, loving service, and a soothing ambiance makes this one of our staple spots. *BONUS* SAKE!! *BONUS BONUS* Really chic in there, tryna model my dining room after their space tbh. Take advantage, take pictures.


Trying to tickle another sense? Give your ears a treat and check out some live music at Pacific Standard Tavern. PST gets local acts and cool talent from all over the country. They have a similar approach with their beer selection; a combination or regional and nationwide craft brews that rotate regularly. Not only are the grooves and suds on point but the whole space has an undeniable vibe that allows you to let loose and really boogie. *BONUS* The venue is intimate enough that chances are you’ll get to meet the band *BONUS BONUS* PST is a great starting point for bar hopping, it’s in the heart of downtown New Haven.


Walk around, eat some food, listen to some music and... SHOW OFF YOUR HAIR!

Squirrel Girl
(Rachel Pritchard)