You Are What You Eat And So Is Your Hair

Something we hate: growing our hair out. Something we love: EATING! 

How about we meet you halfway and give you the top 5 foods to eat to help grow your hair?

  1. Eggs: Grow your hair while eating brunch!! It’s well known that eggs are packed with protein and protein is key for healthy hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles mean healthy hair, and healthy hair means hair growth!! Long story short, don’t hold back on those eggs bennys.
  2. Berries: As if we didn’t need another excuse to eat berries, now we know they can boost our hair health! Berries are bursting with Vitamin C and collagen. Here’s the breakdown: vitamin c promotes collagen production which promotes iron absorption. Iron is essential healthy hair! Get it? Berry good. 
  3. Fatty Fish: Omegawd! We love omega-3 fatty acid for phenomenal hair growth. There’s nothing fishy about this tip, Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in salmon, mackerel and herring promote both hair growth and density. Make your next night out a sushi date.
  4. Nuts: If fish isn’t your thing, you can get those same omega-3 fatty acids with nuts instead! NUTS.
  5. Oysters: “THINK ZINC”. If you love hittin’ up a raw bar, rejoice. Oysters are one of the most zinc rich foods out there. Zinc is great for hair repair, which is the first step to growing healthy hair. 

*BONUS* Oysters aren’t for everyone, we get that. To get more zinc in your diet you can load up on black beans for the hair repair mineral.

Squirrel Girl
(Rachel Pritchard)